Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Backtracking a bit

Knowing that I would eventually get this blog thing down and an actual blog up and running, I've been busily preparing for months.  I think it's safe to say that I've photographed just about everything under the sun that's been stationary for longer than 5 seconds! :)  This, of course, is in between working full-time as a hospice nurse, cleaning, cooking, sewing, and mending my 23 year-old's broken heart.  Becoming an adult really bites sometimes doesn't it?  (More on this later...)

One of the more recent projects I was involved in was the SewMamaSew December, 2011, Giveaway week.  That was loads of fun and I was soooo excited and blessed to be able to participate!  If you've browsed through the Fred's very short (ha!) archive, you've probably seen our giveaway already. Thanks to our new Jo Ann's store for the beautiful fabric and a lovely pattern from ithinksew, I was able to sew some fab women's Kimono slippers!

I had a blast making these and hope to sew a few more pairs for the women in our family in the near future. :) The soaps shown were a sampling of what Fred's Koko Kabana shop will be offering soon (that soon as I find a spare minute to list them on Etsy!) :)

Did any of you participate in SewMamaSew's Giveaway Day? If so, please shoot us a comment on your experience with it!


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