Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gooey Butter Cake....YUMMMMM

Wow...this week is flying by already! We've been BUSY getting everything ready for Christmas coming up this Sunday. One of my favorite things to give any time of the year are homemade food items such as cookies, cakes, jam, bread, etc. There is one cake I've made several times in the last few months...Gooey Butter Cake.  Just the name alone makes your mouth water doesn't it??? :)  Well it is just as delicious as it sounds and is super easy to make.  I'm not sure what cave I crawled out of, but I had never heard of this dessert until I read about it on faster kittykill's blog (did I mention that I love her blog?!)  Apparently Gooey Cake has been around for eons I've been told.  Before I crawl back into that cave, here is the recipe from her blog:  Gooey Butter Cake 
As I said, this is super easy to make and can even be made in a dutch oven on a charcoal grill after a tornado blows through and wipes out your utilities for 5 days! (yep folks, I've done this) :) Enjoy!

My recipe for Island Jam coming tomorrow... :)

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