Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting the itch to stitch

I've been itching to make a simple slouchy hat for awhile, and now that the temps outside have chilled, it's time!  The problem is that I hadn't really found one that I like. I want a hat that fits my criteria:
  • it must be super simple
  • it must be quick to make
  • it mustn't take skeins & skeins of yarn
  • it must be SUPER cute!
While browsing online this morning, I stumbled across a cute blog named,  Gleeful Things, which had a slouchy that appears to fit all my criteria. 

Better yet, the pattern is FREE!  Yay me! :)  While I plan to start writing some of my own patterns soon, this cute slouchy fits the bill perfectly for now.  Head on over there and show Julie some love!  She has many adorable patterns and her prices are very reasonable! 

I'll be making this tonight! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Yeah cool!  Blogger is now allowing pages to be added so I don't have to move all this over to Wordpress. Yay!  Not that there's anything wrong with WordPress - there isn't.  I simply wasn't looking forward to moving all the content and energy to another site.  I've put a great deal of time and effort into Fred's, and was bummed when I discovered (after the fact) that everything posted on the ONE home page!  Yes, yes, I know I didn't do all my research me.  3D life and work took over after that and everything online pretty much froze.

So, here we go and I'll be adding a whole lotta new content as well as a bunch of new products over the next few weeks!  Mainly doggie stuff, but some other fun stuff as well!

Take a look at what's been keeping us busy over the last few weeks:



                                          Jack, Jill, and Jenni

                                         Jack, Lily, and Jill


                                          Jill, Lily, and Jack

                                          a good mama, Lauren


                                         Sam, Jack, and Jill




Eight precious new lives in a variety of colors from an emaciated, stray German shorthaired pointer my son picked up from a country road.  Thank God he found her in time for her to be cared for and gain some weight before her pups were born. All 8 babies lived, 4 girls and 4 boys, and all are healthy.

Here is mama Lauren when he found her:

So skinny, she was all bones and starving to death.

Here is mama Lauren afterwards, but before her pups were born:

A sweet, beautiful dog she is!  How could ANYONE throw this loving dog away?!

Here is a very pregnant mama Lauren:

Look at that happy girl!!!  She's so precious!

But in desperate need of a dentist! haha!  Now that she's finished weaning her pups, getting her teeth cleaned is the next order of business.

Here are her pups now, getting ready to be adopted to good homes!  We are very carefully screening folks who will be taking them when the time comes and each pup will have it's shots and worming treatments before they leave us.

                                                    Jack (white/black) & Sam


                                                    Swirl (top) & Jenni




                                                    Jenni, Lily, and Sam


Aren't they adorable?!  Yes, their eyes and ears are open and have been for about 2 weeks.  They are 5 weeks old and mama has already weaned them. I have more up-to-date pics on my camera which I will add later.  If you think they're adorable here, you should see them now.  Rambunctious little critters!  Their names are Swirl (the girl shown immediately above), Jenni, Lily, Jill, Jack, Sam, Uno (the first born and he has a large dot on the top of his head), and Dexter. We're quite sure these pups have at least two daddies because they have some very distinct differences.  :)

So now, I leave you with health, happiness, and puppy paws...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oy...I've neglected this blog for too long.  So much has been going on and not a whole lot of it good!  Two surgeries and one more scheduled for October, stray dogs, job hunting, mega home repairs, home refinancing (yay!), and yet more mega home repair fun planned, loved ones passing, and gardening 101.  The changes planned for the blog have yet to surface (obviously!).  Patience, dear friends, patience...The ball has started rolling!

Please stay tuned! :)