Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting the itch to stitch

I've been itching to make a simple slouchy hat for awhile, and now that the temps outside have chilled, it's time!  The problem is that I hadn't really found one that I like. I want a hat that fits my criteria:
  • it must be super simple
  • it must be quick to make
  • it mustn't take skeins & skeins of yarn
  • it must be SUPER cute!
While browsing online this morning, I stumbled across a cute blog named,  Gleeful Things, which had a slouchy that appears to fit all my criteria. 

Better yet, the pattern is FREE!  Yay me! :)  While I plan to start writing some of my own patterns soon, this cute slouchy fits the bill perfectly for now.  Head on over there and show Julie some love!  She has many adorable patterns and her prices are very reasonable! 

I'll be making this tonight! :)

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